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Securities Fraud & Shareholder’s Rights

Securities fraud occurs when investors are enticed to purchase or sell stock based upon false information, often resulting in the loss of investor funds.

Securities fraud may also include insider trading, false information on a company’s financial statement and other stock manipulation schemes.

Shareholder derivative actions are often brought to vindicate the rights of the corporation injured by its executives’ misconduct.  This misconduct can include violations of the nation’s securities, anti-corruption, false claims, cyber-security, labor, environment or health and safety laws.  Lawsuits may also be filed when the board has failed to take action that benefits and/or protects the corporation or when the board has engaged in misconduct including excessive management compensation, self-dealing, failed investments and even when there is a demonstrated unwillingness to consider legitimate merger proposals.

At the O’Mara Law Firm, we focus on preserving corporate assets and enhancing long-term shareholder value.  Since 2011, we have assisted in the recovery of millions of dollars to the shareholders.

If you believe you are the victim of securities fraud or you are a shareholder with a potential claim, contact the O’Mara law firm, and we will investigate on your behalf.

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